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The Truth About Estate Planning Without An Attorney

Text on notebook: My Last Will - Oklahoma Estate AttorneysIn this article, you can discover:

  • How to legally prepare your own estate planning documents, like holographic wills and powers of attorney, without an attorney.
  • How DIY (“do it yourself”) estate planning can be a reasonable, cost-effective approach when done correctly.
  • The risks that are associated with DIY estate planning.

Can I Legally Do My Own Estate Planning Without An Attorney?

There is no requirement to use an attorney for estate planning. In fact, many types of estate planning can easily be done on your own at home.

For example, a “holographic will” is simple to prepare and requires no witnesses or notary. To be valid, a holographic will must:

  1. be handwritten in your own handwriting, and
  2. be signed and dated at the end.

No one can write a holographic will for you, and you cannot type it. The law also has some rules about what should be included in a holographic will, such as a list of your children (and sometimes grandchildren if their parent, your child, has passed away). If you read and follow the rules for holographic wills, there is no reason you would need an attorney to create one.

Another form of estate planning that can be done on your own is a power of attorney. There are many power of attorney forms available on the internet that are valid and easy to fill out. To be enforceable, you will normally need witness signatures and a notary. But read carefully as the powers can vary drastically.

Likewise, the Advanced Directive for Healthcare is available on the internet. It is also available at your doctor’s office and at every hospital in the state of Oklahoma. This can be executed without an attorney, but you’ll need to fill that out carefully and sign it in front of witnesses. If you want to modify it, and many do, you should have legal counsel.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Your Estate Planning On Your Own?

Doing your estate planning on your own costs you nothing! And if saving money is your primary goal, this is an excellent opportunity to do that. There are some real risks, of course, but if everything goes well, your family might appreciate that you at least did something.

What Are The Dangers Involved In Creating Your Own Estate Planning Documents Without An Attorney In Oklahoma?

Estate planning documents are tools that can be very effective if drafted and used with great skill. On the other hand, they can be quite dangerous if misused or are poorly drafted. When you do not have skills in dealing with powerful tools, there is a risk that you’re going to end up in much worse shape than if you had done nothing at all.

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